We have over 10 years experience in manufacturing motor sport exhaust systems and we can now offer this to you.

We have our own mandrel tube bending machine, along with tube swager’s and rollers, so we can ensure that your exhaust will be fabricated to the highest standard, to help get the best performance from your vehicle.

All of our systems are fully purge TIG welded here at JEK fabrications, using the latest tig welding machines to give the best results on the outside of the tube, as well as a perfect flow inside. We manufacture all component’s in house including our own silencers, collectors and flanges.

We can also fabricate exhaust systems in various materials depending on your application,

The most commonly materials used are 304 stainless steels – used in the manufacture of NA (normally aspirated) race car and road car exhaust manifolds and systems.

321 stainless steels and Inconel 625- used in the manufacture of turbo charged exhaust manifold applications, where there is a greater requirement of heat management and material strength.

Please contact us to find out what we can do for you.